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- Licensed Professional Counselor - 

Hiii! I am so glad you're here!
Come in, look around, and get comfortable. This is your brave first step in sorting through your experiences, healing from your past, and taking control of your future... I can't wait to meet you!
. . .
A little about myself -- I lead an active lifestyle as this seems to help my mental health the most. Some of my favorite ways to stay active and happy are kickboxing, going on walks with my dog, and playing games with family and friends. I really enjoy interior design and organizing, listening to audiobooks, and I love (actually, I am obsessed with) animals of all kinds! At home I have a dog and cat who snuggle together and make my heart burst with happiness. My #1 guilty pleasure is watching reality TV (even though my husband can't stand all of their outrageous drama) while eating ice cream. 
. . . 
I truly love what I do and am extremely passionate about helping people. I hope we can connect soon. 
Warmly, Annalisa

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